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Stopped Watch Being Correct


Saw a video by Thulsa Doom where he described how he runs One-Shot adventures.

List of the tips:
#1 - Assemble the Player Characters
#2 - Define the Style
#3 - Create a Plot Hook
#4 - Develop a Climax
#5 - Flesh out Key NPCs
#6 - Prepare Social Encounters
#7 - Player-tailored Challenges
#8 - Loot Rewards
#9 - Outline Key Locations
#10 - Avoid a Wandering Intro
#11 - Keep the Pace Moving
#12 - Character Epilogues

Okay, that was on-point and even well stated. Yet I can't help but think he's actually describing how to Railroad players. I see a crack in the dogma.

As everyone knows, I both dislike the term and run my adventures point to point like a (better to not say the forbidden word).



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Railroading is not necessarily bad if there is a -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 7/27/2019) 
Was this "running" or "designing"? -- Iron Conrad (posted: 7/27/2019) 
I think is from scratch, not Module -- red (posted: 7/28/2019) 
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