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Climax of Critical Role Ooops and Hazzah


Critical Role had the big end fight of the 3-yr+ weekly game. They fought Vecna. I have watched little of this, none actually.

But apparently, Thulsa Doom as DM made a spell interpretation error, something to do w/ a dispel magic (called something else now) and the online community is upset.

In counterpoint, Bishop Colville watched the finale and it brought tears to his eyes, as well as, one player in-game. The Bard held his 9th level spell to the end, so he could wish a fellow PC back from his ghostly death and out of revenant state. Not sure much of this makes sense, but it seems right. This is almost at my geek threshold so bear w/ me.

But the 9th level spell was used to cast dispel magic and cancel Vecna's ability to teleport and escape. I would just think Wish could also cancel teleport, so the kids calling foul Ref are even more troll than I. May have to do with the no save if spell to dispell is two levels above the teleport. D&D has some funky nonsense fer swure.

The Bard player who used his 9th spell, after a long pause of reading the manual on his phone, gave the DM his action. The DM reacted w/ shock knowing that meant a PC was going to die (lingering wound, gift from god stuff), but Vecna would be slain. The other PCs slowly understand the Bard's decision and the guy who dies mouths, "I still love you man." to the Bard. Tears ensue.

If planned, good job as theater. I think it was spontaneous. Not sure a jaded person like me would care for a paper hero, but the guy who died that was his first character. Too bad all this is buried in five+ hours of gaming. Yet I wanted to say that there are moments, which when spontaneous, or thought about later, make tabletop gaming very inspired.

Again, the action didn't draw any emotional response from me. Wasn't Spoke's Death. But I think the actor kids in the game truly had a good time. Still wonder if they got paid, boost to career exposure is a form of pay, yet glad they were doing a job they seemed to enjoy.

Now does anyone remember to cut off the lich's hand and cut out his eye? How does this stuff stay with you after forty years or more? Thanks Gary, you'd be content today.



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