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A Bajillion Ways to Die, ConCon Friday 7p


Tentative online only game for Friday ConCon, 16th will be Bajillion Ways to Die. Please get your Epic Table installed before the date. I'm not a patient old man. If you need a test connection respond back here, and I'll set a link and leave it up.

Bajillion Ways to Die, Introduction part six
You float for a second unaware of your surroundings. You do not so much blink nor teleport nor mesmerize into the screen. Instead, you sort of pass through a window. Itís the VIP. You all climb through, but this is only a shared dream.

Something odd is spotted in each enforcerís left eye, only the left eye. You can see a floating portal and area of the base as a television; however, it is not in a fixed position. The screen floats in no pattern. Its path is hanging, rising, hovering, panning, a warped and pulsing portal, changing as it spins opposite your direction.

A quick check of your sensors reveals that your group of enforcers are the only ones who probably can see the portal. The magic televisionís reflectivity registers as transparent in the visual wavelengths on this side of the gateway.

You sense this window will only be open for a defined period of time. Youíre not sure how you know this?
You awake knee deep in fresh water. Parts of Canaveral still stand, but all around there is only water.

Now what?

Rest of ConCon is Sat 17 Aug (noon and seven), Sun 18 Aug (noon and six). I'll try to have some generic Epic Table Aid for offerings not my own, like Tony's Supers and Greg Squire's D&D games. Will have a table I can draw maps and set figure positions. Those two Refs also employ voice and a video feed on Skype.

I am ready to cover the other two role-play slots if no one else pounces at the opportunity. More later there, but writing a Har*y Pot*er parody murder and much promised EPT House Rulez events. All my stuff is video taped for broadcast promotion, so if you're bashful be forewarned. No faces, only voice is used.

And a good time was had by all (time traveled and saw it was so).



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May be my best to Date -- red (posted: 7/29/2019) 
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