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EPT Mission ConCon 2019


Your patron, Emzahl Teal, needs you take a message to the Priests of Avanthe, the goddess of family and honor. He wears the mourning mask, telling all he has lost a close family member.

“I cannot travel and make preparations with the priests of Belkhanu. Travel to Bey Su, the capital, on my behalf and speak with an official there, Thom Bek.”

The patron gives you letters of introduction with his seal. If you open these, Bek will not receive you for an audience. “You must show trust to earn trust.”

He gives you three Tally of Credibility in Gold Coins for the first leg of the journey. You may trade one for a cohort of spear to escort you along the roads. The other two gold tally may be kept; each this one time will add a half D8 other party minion swagger. Normally, Credibility Geld only gains one Minion swagger.

The path to the capital will take eighteen days provided your force is not waylaid or driven off the tri-tiered thoroughfare.



Message Replies:
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