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How the educational system of 30-40 years ago ruined the classics


Right. Just finished reading, for the first time, the 4000+ pages of Dumas' entire D'Artagnan cycle.

See, in school, the Literature classes skipped us right to "The Man in the Iron Mask," which was a huge error in the curriculum, since 1) "Man in the Iron Mask" is the END of the saga and 2) "Man in the Iron Mask" is a subset cropped from a larger tome.

For 30+ years, I didn't get why Dumas (and Maquet, who never gets his co-author credit) were considered such fine authors, since, removed from the context of the rest of the story, "MitIM" makes no damn sense. They used a lot of "as we know..." callbacks to the sections of "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" that got chopped out to edit MitIM.

To use a bad, modern metaphor, it's like someone who's never seen a Marvel movie being shown Avengers:Endgame - which would make no sense without the rest of the series.

Plus, y'know, the titular title character is barely significant. He's about as important as Alexander Pope and the false Henri are in the current Cutlass mission - I mean, technically we're taking them to Turin, but, when we had to cross the wedding, no one rolled for them (Pope gets himself across with a joke, but someone should be babysitting the idiot). That is to say, Phillipe is there only as a plot element to put Aramis and Porthos on the run, rather than as an interesting character. Pope and Henri won't be mentioned in the Cutlass game until we get to the point where our delivery becomes a rescue (and Pope "dies" again?)

Anyways, thanks, Conrad for bringing up the BBC show earlier this year. Enjoyed that, decided to read the Dumas, and, this time, with the plot in context, I enjoyed it.

No thanks to Mrs. Brookhurst, who assigned MinIM.

Dickens is still over-rated, and most of Moby Dick is still boring, and anytime elves start singing in Tolkien, I skip a few pages..


   Mike Myke Mique

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