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WoW Open Stress Test


Played a bit of World of Warcraft last 24 hrs. Was very lucky. Had three nice Green drops and a bag. Two swords w/ bonus to stam right as I hit dual wield at level ten. Was able to weigh into things for a few levels. Was fun. Lots of grouping on the fly. Everyone seems to know what they are doing. Saw lots of Rogues, lots. And lots of Shaman. I made it to GromGol and actually saw a Tauran Hunter there. All the beasts were nasty skull to me.

Will be interesting in a couple weeks when it opens for real.

Rumor on the chat that Blizzard is debating letting players keep the characters from the stress test to reduce the launch server load. Wishful thinking? Rumor only I would guess. As much as I'd like to have my two blades (almost at end of their life cycle), I sold way too much to vendors to clear pack space that should have been banked or Auction Housed.

Made several marcos and tested them. Always never what you expect?

For the Horde



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