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Fred Posted Up Something on Windows 12?


Well, this isn't really the right place but what the hey.


It has a great back beat and the screen shots of Windows 97 will make you pine for the last century.

Seriously, if I wanted a crappy Mac computer I would just buy one. If all we are getting with a new version is everything somewhere else, why not just jam a 10 penny nail in your eye and enjoy the experience today? Leave it alone already.

Or, give us the option to turn it all OFF.

Did they get rid of the registry? Did they change the file structure to SQL? Did they give us better remote support? Can we get a browser that works?

Hey MS. Stop with the new Windows thing and make Age of Rome work through a router already. You did one damn thing right in the past 30 years and you bollocks that up too.

How about that calculator app. 50 years in and they finally left it alone.

Stay off my lawn.


   Iron Conrad

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