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Era Ten 18 Sep 19


We deployed on Walker Giant Star hunting for a traitor. We knew from the Briggs-Mealy Cyrus Chart that all traitors will hate their jobs, hate their boss and perhaps more importantly hate the Tetra-League. The squad of troopers seems to find refuse dumps more often than natural. After cajoling and listening to much gossip, we determined the traitor was the celebrity, Hemingway. But, he was an imposter. An Ecclesiastic, born to die, was impersonating the former sit-comm star with Chameleon Skin.

He was easily subdued with Entrenching Tool. The stain may take decades to fade. The bomb the traitor created was a bit harder to render safe. The squad had to collectively remove the Housing, stop the Detonator and safe the radioactive Sakai. We seemed to do all within regulations and with lots of (extruded) tape. We even included gift wrapping and a card to show our good breeding.


Much thanks to double imperiled Khymer, Mike, and double reverse engineer, Mike. DIK-DRE to his friends.



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