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Cutlass, Bring your A-Game (or B-character)


Winning a Complex War
Each principal party in the conflict can be quelled by up to three actions.

A. Slay General (Warchief)
B. Destroy Supply Magazine (Interdict)
C. Foster National Crisis
Note: the national crisis may only be attempted after Reconnaissance or Intel is used to determine what deed could be effective.

Aftermath of Victory
When all options are finished—the players decide to resolve their victory or the tables have been exhausted—the players must have more solid allied countries than determined enemies. Many of the tables use a system of toggling wounds on-off with that count being the test for success.

Liberation of Noire
This action has three enemies: Spanish, English and Bavarian, plus a lesser degree the indifference of the French. Noire also has three potential liberators: Ansbach, Kleef or Carpathia. There are also three wild card states: Russia, Genoa and Serbia.

Here are the diplomatic percentages:

Negative Influence / Neutral / Positive Influence (Total 100%)

Spanish (85/15/0)
English (95/5/0)
Bavarian (75/20/5)

Ansbach (15/25/60)
Kleef (0/30/70)
Carpathia (5/70/25)

Serbia (25/75/0)
Russia (35/65/0)
Genoa (10/80/10)

Republic France (35/50/15)



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