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Cutlass 25 Sep 19


The complex war was fought with nearly every country of the Olde World participating. The battle seemed clearly influenced by Bailey and Alain. Yet someone (unnamed) denied his destiny of being the Lord of the Rogues (shameful).

The final roster of victors included Spain, Netherlands and the Scots, fighting to liberate the city-state of Noire. Yet in the aftermath, the territory of Robespierre’s French Republic was left a shamble, annexed by nearly every combatant. Oaths were sworn to rebuild the continental power, yet only the shell of the Merovech monarchy lives in exile on the Isle of Naples. The Capetian and Carolingian-Bonaventure lines are gone.

The Confederation of Ansbach, with the world’s finest horsemen, clearly has become the new enemy of the Exiled Merovech regime. The Vatican is no more, annexed by Kleef, though the Fascii clergy’s network of spies was inherited by some other nation. If only the party of players could rely on a Lord of Rogues for such intel.

Next month the battle moves to the New World with the liberation of the once-lauded Vert Colony. Much will need to be decided as the game moves to a new Restoration Map and Period.



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