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Outlands 2 Oct 19


We continued from the Baltic to the Black Sea pursuing our goal to kill the final godling, Aquata. We have a horn which can call her to the Sea of Azov. There we will trap her by lowering the water level.

The encounters along the route were spirited, yet we survived. At our destination we fought several challenges. The first was against the Nurslings of Aquata, angered by the horn. Next Jokubas and his sprinters made a last attempt to stop us. We determined Aquata was trapped by speaking calmly to her w/ Courtly Graces. Finally, we fought the last of her Swamp Trolls on the shore. Our leader was double-wounded but spirits remain high. Our fortunes finish next week.

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The example uses Epic Table for a virtual tabletop and Skype for online voices.

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