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Watched part of a WoW Vid and huh?!?


So is WoW Now losing the Undead as a faction? Is the Sylvanus (Ork killer in vid) the same Lady Sylvanus of the Forsaken (WoW Classic)?

Anyone in five sentences explain what happens between 2004 and today in the campaign?

Add an extra paragraph (if desired) on changes in the current game for Undead (as characters).


Came across a quest I didn't remember, a crap quest, in WoW Classic. Shitload of materials to geographically spread places for alchemist (undead) in Tower in Duskwood. Duskwood seems random? End was I kill a caged man to keep a secret. Lots of nonsense beforehand only to result in a poison to silence a manacled prisoner? Will make a video gripe on that later. But, the quest hints that the Undead have a secret they don't want to share w/ rest of Horde. Yet, the quest ends same (I assume) for other races? All pretty confusing and I thought slap-dash in approach. Maybe here it finally all connects?

Yeah, wishful thinking, I'm sure.



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