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Outlands 9 Oct 19


We contacted the city-states adjacent to the Black Sea and told them of the plan. We felt it best to make no enemies; we made two enemies despite our efforts, in Nicaea and Tiflis.

Our boat sailed into the Nets of Aquata, which drained us psychically. We arrived at our intended fight, only to find the Sea of Azov was still too high. Three plots were arrayed against us to stop our manipulation of the tides. The fishermen will suffer the most as what should have taken a week will extend into months.

We found various parts of a sunken city and even captured an Atlantean. We faced yet again the owl faced Jenolan and Saurian lizard folk. But, we also did not recognize an old ally, missing an opportunity when we failed to recall that “Big Mamma’s Boy” was the man who hired us to stop the Aurora Borealis cult in Novgorod.

The first plot was uncovered. The Servants of the Grey One were building a channel between the Black Sea and Aquata’s depression. Tamoon, the arch mage, stayed behind to prevent that effort. he was called on three times so far to intervene. The sea goddess remains submerged, until we stop two more enemies who aid her.

More of the climax, next week.



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