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Outlands 16 Oct 19


We mostly dragged our ship through the mud hunting for Aquata. We uncovered one plot to refill the Sea of Azov, but there were two more. The boat was damaged by the haul, often, but we persevered. We found two more plots: magical Zaires were filling the sea with a deluge of rain. Plus, the tide-keeper was being thwarted by dwarves.

With the help of the Giantess, Khổng lồ, we stopped one plot (the rain). We also thwarted the Eastern Dwarves and Grey Oneís servants. Aquata and her mechanical brother were revealed. She animated the arcane titan of her brother to help her fight. There were two gods to slay, still both were quelled by Svein Karli Gufisson, hero of the boat.

The creatures thwarted, yet the Demon Jug was not used? The sea goddess was sent away for a millennium, but she was spared being trapped in Glitnirís Bottle. Cyrul may not be pleased. Yet the adventure has ended as we all advanced.



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