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Heather Newman Review WoW Classic


To sum up: the players grew up.

I agree w/ what she says (link):


She only fails to mention that WoW Now is silly. Now in October w/ Halloween changes to the vanilla game, I see the silliness returning. Getting free Stam-Spirit boost just by visiting any Inn and Bobbing Apples is the start of the built-in crutches and cheats. Xmas was worse w/ free boost to Hps, and wound recovery gained by the holiday treats.

I should be done playing (long before) then. Yet I'm posting just a few minutes of content each day, so I got plenty to spare. I will be adding my game analysis long after I'm offline. I don't guild, raid or tier gear; once my sixty is hit, it's over.

Will I work on my alts? I'm strongly leaning to NO. Ask me in a month. But, I do have better things to do w/ my time. Even the idea of daily gank seems sad, to possibly punish someone who may only get to play once a week. Too weak in my old age, perhaps. Also, Rattlegore is Horde dominated already and less scary than the 2004 servers I was trapped in. Ganking there seemed like revenge. Doing it on Rattlegore seems overkill and less funny.



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