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Era Ten 23 Oct 19


We failed. It happens. We set out as the honorary bodyguard for a change of command ceremony on Pluto Drive-Thru. The Great J.W.Walker was being promoted to a command role in MACE central. His role as military governor was being assumed by the Right Honorable J.W.Walker.

We headed to Iota Widdershins to pick up the replacement. Wait, why does the orders say we need to go to Widdleshins? A typo? Honorable Walker was not on Widdershins. We were attacked by drone fighters sent by—person of record, Walker—that’s not right? We tracked Honorable Walker at the races on Andromedae. After solving a local system pyrate problem via Jump& Die, the Honorable Man seemed rather ill suited for his new promotion. A degenerate gambler and sot, he would not work in the role. We also discovered that the Great Walker was not ready to be retired inside MACE. He liked his role supplying all the fast food franchises with Grenwich Chicken.

Plan A was hatched. If Great Walker would pretend to leave, at least leave his named role, he could stay on Pluto’s Drive-Thru as Honorable. His title of Great would go to the degenerate gambler, happy to take the part. This direct swap of ID change did not work. One failed roll too many; use your make-rolls people. The changed was spoiled by the Great Man’s dog.

Plan B was a forced swap per MACE directives. This too failed, and we could not breach the inside security to wreak havoc and cover our actions. Instead, we barely fled the system, now persona non gratis. We lost our Proxy with the Journeymen Cartel. Yet, new adventures and enemies will follow.



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