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Mission Thirty-Four Starting Decisions


Mission Thirty-Four: Travel to New Vert and rally the colony to rebellion from England. Use the uprising as a start to liberate the entire region.

The men in New Vert had requested their families and children be brought to them. That trip was postponed far too many times by the wars and Robespierre’s bureaucracy. As a starting good gesture, the fifty-seven women and two-hundred thirty-eight children will be taken aboard. Conditions will be quite cramped on the three transport vessels.

No foreign hostile vessels will be met, provided only the transports are employed; any warship would attract unwanted attention to an otherwise routine voyage. Your personal vessels should not be used in escort (as a flair), unless you decide to sacrifice them at the Epilog.

First Decision
The ladies should have a spokesperson, the Lady’s Agent (grumbler), aboard the flagship:

Goody Marie, Antibaptist Reformist
Goody Sade, Loopy wife of the known to be deceased Governor-General
Goody Trieste, Papist Reactionary

Optionally, the ladies aboard can appoint their own agent.

A set of seven experts were scheduled to make the trip to New Vert. The men have dubious backgrounds at best. Decide which (if any) will be taken along. Since the colony transports are far from luxurious, each will further contribute to cramped confinement during the voyage. Note: any man left behind will claim his contract was broken and could make trouble in the banking cartels.

Phrenologist, victim of Russian torture
Defrocked Priest, victim of Spanish torture
Futuricite, victim of Dutch torture
Limping Scalawag, victim of English torture
Town Crier, victim of Robespierre’s torture
Occult Astronomer, victim of Carpathian torture
Elderly Suffragette, victim of Serbian torture

Sets of Supplies
The colony had requested materials, but these have sat on the docks, some crated for years. Decide which if any of the bundles will be hauled aboard. Each will contribute to cramped confinement during the voyage.

Barley Corn Seeds
Ansbach Imported Horse Oats
Draft Mules
Needles and Pins
Pipe Organ
Thread Dies
Bronze Cast for 20 lb mortar round
Assorted pieces of Aquamarine Glassware
Iberian Leek Seedlings
Potted Shrubbery
Stamp Press (for coins)
Quicksilver Tonic
Pair of Tabby Cats (litter and dry feed)



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