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Outlands Adventures Fall 2019


Adventure Eleven: After the War of the Sea Gods

Patron: Party Sponsored attempt to raise one of their members to Earl or Warlord. If this objective fails, all the sanctuaries between the two rivers will be rendered uninhabitable.
Mission: The Southern Region needs stability. Unite the villages and tribesmen following the death of the sea gods. Those monsters were actually worshiped. Now that they are gone, there is a power vacuum.
Motive: Self Motivated.
Finances: Self Financed.
Twist: Plethora, mostly to be discovered.
Unknown Rival
Known Ace-Hole: Face Diu Claudi, the Cripplers, Rivalís forces are odious, repugnant, and use magic to appear a lizardmen. Check morale at Out of the Ordinary or start at Q&D Rally. Even in duels, the player characters will constantly feel the urge to wretch and flee. Bold characters may ignore this penalty; those without should attempt Ordinary, or upon failing select method Escape.
Further, the rivalís forces are part of an elite group of soldiers. A logo embossed on each soldierís breastplate armor shows the severed feet of the vanquished. Collectively the force has never routed on the battlefield. With each Knave encounter, the forces attacking increases in Defensive Modifier. Reset each week of gaming.

Mission Note: Players return home to find one of their villages has had all the inhabitants maimed, their feet removed by the Diu Claudi. The survivors believe wrongly the attack was lizardmen, remnant servants of the Sea Gods.
* State the Five Virtues. Five Virtues of an being Usurper Earl: Lawmaker, Mercantile, Protect Innocent, Reverent, Wise Beyond his Years
* The players should be directed to view the Caucus map and given the general goal of uniting the region under their order and leadership.
* The four Ruins are ready to go to explore.
* The Two nonhuman settlements should be investigated but cannot be destroyed without first raising an army. Save that for a later session.
* Likewise, the Dwarven Kingdoms first require the players find suitable entrance or an emissary to take them below. That will likely not occur on 13 Nov.
* The intrigues of the city-states can be explored for intel and exploits.
* Attacks can be made using the Land and Sea actions against the Saurians. This is what your subjects want, revenge. Understand, those creatures have a political aim and substructure which must be truly put into chaos to remove the threat. Attacking them fast may shore up support, but will also arouse the ire of the Saurians. Try not to unite them, please.

Sand Box! Only one set of encounters at Phase C will occur between any directed move of the group. Go and find a path to kingship or a dukedom or leave your estates to burn and decay hunting for the gold left behind in Isborsk. The choice is up to the lowest level guy played, the figurehead who will be placed on the throne. Or not.



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