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Outlands 13 Nov 19


The party was faced with the aftermath of slaying the sea god Aquata. The Southern Region needed stability. The plan was purposed to unite the villages and tribesmen by giving them a new faith. Stop worshiping monsters. While we fought Aquata our estates were raided by the Dui Claudi, the Cripplers. In a warning for us as outsiders to leave, the heinous group slaughtered a village and removed all the feet as trophies. The survivors blamed (wrongly) the lizardmen, since the Cripplers attacked disguised by illusions.

We accepted the broad goal of demonstrating Five Virtues: Lawmaker, Mercantile, Protect Innocent, Reverent, Wise Beyond his Years. By upholding these virtues and inspiring vassals, we would rise as a new monarchy.

Tmutarakan was in Plague. The city-state was valuable to our plans. We could not do anything (bad rolls) to help. So we headed to Cherson for a cure. There, Lord Anthony asked us to solve his domain's problem w/ insects. We traced the blight to malignant magic. Lord Anthony also asked us to remove the gypsy Ossetia folk from his city-state. The vizier Ulf, being Ossetian, opposed that decision. Tamoon convinced Ulf to bring his three hundred followers to our new capital of Rostov.

Still looking for a cure for plague, we headed by sea to Tiflis. Before we determined that Tiflis as well was struck by plague, we were attacked by the Dui Claudi. We defeated (w/ effort) four enchanters sent to oppose our plans.

Our Arcane Sentinel talked w/ Lady Moridin, and the two magically discovered that a wand of healing was lost in the New Ruins. That became our next goal.

The New Ruins was an attempt by a rich merchant prince to create his own domain. The other city-states successfully conspired to bankrupt the attempt. The township was abandoned thirty years ago. The man who put his life’s collective conquests into the construction is said to still live there. He is sought by pilgrims as a font of humility.

Outside the ruins, we recruited a lunatic, Knox, or more correctly we let him tag along. We faced the underboss, Twisted Offspring Blucher, defeating him. We ended play still exploring the New Ruins, searching for the healing wand.



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