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Outlands 20 Nov 19


We continued our clearing of the New Ruins in the Caucus region only to discover a sinister cult worshiping bloodletting. There were five bosses we needed to defeat, including a demon soul. We first, with luck, recruited a Necromancer to join us. He told us we were looking for the Wizard Angell; the magic user may know where we might find our quest goal, a Healing Wand.

We fought the Enforcer Hudson, a subcommander of the blood cult, and won handedly. We later met a monster tamer and his gelatinous cube. The battle was tougher but was also won. This put us into a position where we found the Necromancer and later the unlit cell of the wizard.

Though Angell was unsure if he could heal the sick, he knew his Haqel Scepter would restore fertility to fields. He agreed to aid us now and later, if he helped rid the temple of the bloodletting cult. At fist we thought we had to defeat the current headmaster. But, after finding the Prophet Borden tied down and being milked of blood, we learned a greater threat existed.

The temple complex was revealed, and we headed by cosmic connection straight to the last two sub-bosses. One of them was the source of the true danger, the demon, Hemingway. The battle with her was long and hard-fought. The Necromancer recruited to our cause was slain. We killed twenty shadowy minions before fighting the main mob. She finally was banished, and the temple was returned to its founderís goals of teaching magic without baneful acts.

Glitnir be praised as Aetok has begun the process of establishing a temple devoted to craft, the plow, dagger and coin. The rules of the order added the notion that all members must point out the flaws in others, no defect must ever be sent forth (for sale). Glitnir points out imperfection.



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Arcane Wizardry... -- Mike, son of Mike (posted: 11/21/2019) 
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