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Conrad's Fantasy question (no really)


This discussion came up on an old school D&D forum I frequent (the forum is Dragonsfoot, Dreamteam and MOTP are usernames there):

Dreamteam: "I thought this system of 'Basic Physical Laws', as outlined in Conrad's Fantasy for the Barony RPG by Better Games is pretty imaginative:

"Conrad's Fantasy
The 6 Basic Laws of the Universe
I. Force flows through fixed channels in only one direction. Natural forces are constant and unchanging.
II. Everything has a fixed identity; an exact blend of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each of these basic elements cannot be like another and still be itself. Elements cannot change state. Flesh and blood too are composed of these elements, though they are called humors of the body.
III. Everything has spirit which creates its identity.
IV. All planes of existence are separate and distinct; they do not cross or meet.
V. Each mind is controlled by its own spirit, a force outside of Nature.
VI. Some things can never be understood. What has happened, has happened and cannot change."

MOTP: "Thanks; I'm interested but there are a few things I don't understand:

What is meant by "Force flows through fixed channels in only one direction"? Force as in force = mass * acceleration? Force as in the fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, etc.)? Magical forces?

Also, what are fixed channels? You mention gravity, for example; gravity is everywhere (on earth); where are its fixed channels? Or what about light or magnetism?

How does one travel from one plane to another if they don't meet? What is even meant by "cross or meet" in regard to planes?

And regarding the sixth law, usually the first sentence goes without saying; I assume it makes sense in the context of the game, but how?"

You want to answer his questions Conrad? Or should I tell him to get a life and buy Better Games' new stuff?



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