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Outlands 27 Nov 19


We finished our last battle in the New Ruins. A renegade lord had to be quelled. We headed to Tmutarakhan with the Wizard Angell but discovered his wand would not heal the sick. It did increase fertility. We sent Angell on to Rostov and looked for another way to befriend the city.

Our first objective was to head south and punish the Lizardmen for attacking our villages. Along the way we discovered the lair of Yorik and his shine to the sea gods, our mortal enemies. We landed ashore, defeated his black eels and finished him off. The early death of the mission main Rival did not stop the battles. We faced the Foul creatures three more times before reaching the Grain Eaters.

Despite having ties and a friend among the Saurians, Cyrul the God-Killer led our attack on the Lizardmen. Our party is very strong, and the battle was won with little loss.

From there we traveled to Sinope. In exchange for taking Lord Roman’s wayward son away for a lesson in humility and adventure, the town pledged loyalty. We started our voyages trying to recruit thirteen lieutenants for our retinue in the Faith of Glitnir. Three party members swore to be high priests and build shines. One held out for the title of warlord of the faith. The last said he did not want to change the old gods. That person, Cyrul, was seen for his humility and became trusted by the growing numbers of the faithful common men. A reluctant prophet, Glitnir entrusted Cyrul with the ginn-catcher. He will be beloved until his death.

The priest Huginn is in crisis. He denies the very existence of magic. He will learn to trust his powers again or attribute all to the god.

En route to Itil we helped refugee pilgrims cross the lion-headed Biblosite lands only to be betrayed. An apostate is claiming that Glitnir needs more heroes and more enemies crushed. To help assuage the followers of his claims in our faith, we served cruel justice on the mutineers. In Itil we converted five hundred, but only after Aetok confused his sermons and started mixing old gods with new. Glitnir points out imperfection. As a final act of trust in Itil, we solved their problem with few children by moving the Wizard Angell and his Haqet’s Staff of Fertility to the location. He is building a temple of Glitnir there.

Haqet’s Staff is one of four relics. According to legend, the squabbling tribes of the Nile each prayed to the night sky to create a relic to be wielded by their respective kings. The carnage, which may have ensued, could have consumed the region. The gods intervened and linked the magical objects. Each is extremely powerful. However, as the relics move closer to one another, the power of the grouping is diminished. Eventually, one Pharaoh ruled supreme. He held all four relics and thus rendered each ordinary. The shape of he other three relics is unknown. Yet, there are coincidentally three more ruins to explore in the Caucus region.



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