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Era Ten 4 Dec 19


We accepted the Escort Mission of war supplies to Gargarin’s World off our duty roster. System has not received uniform shipments in several decades. Governor Dreyfuss has complained to the League and priority has been placed on rectifying the backorder. We would later determine that five separate shipments were backlogged. Yet the system was no longer being threatened by the Karfu Horde. Once that was determined, we convinced Dreyfus to cancel his requests for munitions. A good time was had by all.

First off, Brutal Khan Lo, requested a ride to Arsellas Primus. Asking, “Are you my Uber?” He demanded then offer to pay for transport. Gain Prized Cargo (L) Perisher technique. When we failed to meet his comfort requirements, he sued us but lost the court case in Gargarin’s System. However, he would later return when we traveled to Ophiuchi. The adventure ended with him still aboard and demanding the hockey rink be repaired, after he used a backhoe to decant blocks of ice for his tea.

One of our members took a contract to oust a Hired Gun, DeGama, from Arsellus Primus. We first Breached the stronghold and fought off the man’s guards, before subduing him for arrest.

Upon arrival (after three Phases, four if you count the regress C to B) we found out that to fully complete the mission we would need to escort ships of materials from Ophiuchi, Carlin’s Pryor, Gamma Snickersnee and Epsilon Indi. Our connections to the Crime Lords were contacted and a hefty amount of cargo was diverted. Yet in the end we decided we were not going to allow the system to take MACE resources without need.

On our second run from Ophiuchi we found the evidence we needed to end the shipments. A captured Kro snub fighter, our third ship battle versus the Kro, resulted in the discovery that the Karfu Horde had not in fact invaded the system of Gargarin. The advance ships were trapped in the Tetra-League, when the Worm Holes were shut down.

Jump& Die to the planet. Breach, Quell and Exploit past Dreyfus’ bodyguards, then engage him to capture not slay. Hey, we were successful at all that and more!



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