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Cutlass Mission Thirty-Five New World Problems


My notes Mission Thirty-Five: Group needs to refurbish the Lion’s Pounce, salvaged and towed to shore.

As encounters are rolled, the players will restore the ship’s displacement, sailors, soldiers, cannon, stores.

Various NPCs can also be recruited for the voyage to fill positions. These men will add ship Traits or cause calamity. One of the men possibly recruited will be the rival. He may stow aboard regardless, or pursue in his own ship. Better the enemy you know and keep close.

Lion’s Pounce or christened Löwensprung Three deck Galleon
Salto de león Displacement: 100 tons (of 900)
Leona o le Lion Speed Factor: 0 (of max five)
0 Ataque do Leão Marinheiras, crew sailors (of 60)
0 Funto de Leono musketero, Ship's musketeers (of 600)
Ljónshopp zero bronze culverin (of 36)
Liūto pounce Empty hold

1. Fleet Commander, pc or npc tbd
2. Fleet Navigator, pc or npc tbd
3. Fleet Tactician, pc or npc tbd
4. Fleet Chronicler, pc or npc tbd
5. Flagship’s Pilot, pc or npc tbd
6. Flagship’s Master Soldiers, pc or npc tbd
7. Flagship’s Master Guns, pc or npc tbd
8. Flagship’s Quartermaster, pc or npc tbd
9. Flagship’s Master Sails, pc or npc tbd
10. Flagship’s Master Arms, pc or npc tbd
11. Flagship’s Vicar, pc or npc tbd
12. Flagship’s Grumbler, pc or npc tbd
13. Fleet Scapegoat, pc or npc tbd

List of Prominent Colony NPCs
Ivan (Russia): Exiled field marshal, age ninety, wrote a manual on pike and shot maneuvers. Adding him as Fleet Tactician brings fifty displacement, one speed factor, five sailors, twenty-five musketeers and five cannons.
Sven (Kleef): Renowned sailor, taught crown prince in Stockholm, fought with players in both Olde and New World. Recruiting him adds one to the Speed Factor of the Leona o le Lion (max five)
Johan (Dutch): Admittedly hates French but desperate for work. Competent ship’s carpenter. He'll oversee a hundred tons of the restoration of Displacement on the Salto de león (max 900)
Franz (Bavaria): Sharpshooter able to demonstrate his skill. From a rocking rowboat, while being pelted by tomatoes, he draws and fires six pistols in succession and shoots the fruit out of the air. He arrives w/ 2D8 times five musketeers for the Funto de Leono musketero, Ship's musketeers (max 600)
Conner (Scot): Unknown, mostly seen as the town drunk. The dockmaster will pay a purse of coins if he is dragged aboard and taken out of his domain. Has more than once offered ten demiculverine as collateral for drink but refuses to show the whereabouts until the contract is signed.
Jacque (Parisian Freestate): Secretary of the bishopric of Marseilles. Would be seen as a severe slight not to take him along, as he is rumored to be a nephew of the Prelate Archbishop, a man with chosen surname Bonaventure. He arrives w/ 2D8 sailors and fifty musketeers.
Gunter (Ansbach): Connected aristocrat and horse breeder, part of the commission to survey the lands. Studied engineering and economics in Prague. He'll privately fund a hundred tons of the Displacement restoration and plus one to Speed Factor.
Juan (Spanish): Proto communist who fights for the serf and factory laborers. Adamantly denies fleeing homeland. He arrives w/ three D8 sailors (crew needed 40 min)
Guido (Genoa): Scrounge and smuggler who has fine tales of life on the sea. He arrives w/ half a D8 demiculverine to install on Ljónshopp (max 36 gun ports and twelve spares hold). he says you can have one cannon whether you take him or not. Kill English with it!
Pierre (Principality of Noire): Missionary Black Robe, trained to read minds and out heretics. Hates Facii Friars and lost an ear in their captivity. Adding him as Flagship’s Vicar brings fifteen sailors.
Louis (Free French of Naples): Cleric, studied law in Vatican City and Free Verona Adding him as Fleet Chronicler brings one-hundred musketeers and ten cannons.



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