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Watchmen (HBO)


Show is sinking (stinking) pretty fast.

Super crazy plots. When you deal w/ Dr Manhattan you sort of get trapped by his power. Movie captured the quandary, I thought, very well. Here we have Aha! generating the response: I'm bored.

Series seems to be a Game of Thrones deux, too much plot needed to be stitched together in a final episode next week. Maybe it will be all a cliffhanger, and they want seven seasons. But, I feel I have watched one good hour and eight self indulgent LOST scripts; all shot by a director who had nothing on the page, so he figured he might as well see what sort of crazy-stupid camera angles he can find to hide genitalia. Superhero can just don a jock. Yet the cinematography has been stupid auteur in every episode, not just one with nudity (or lack thereof).

I may hate programmers, but I detest pretentious graphic artists, especially on film. Tell the story, first. If it had the music mixed ten dB above the dialog then I known right away it was a self-funded vanity project; this is supposed to be HBO.



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