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Cutlass 11 Dec 19


We started out in new France restoring the Lionís Pounce to former glory. The ship capsized at sea and was towed to shore. Modest improvements were made before we started our adventure before another stormy winter season.

Five NPCs were recruited for the voyage: Jacque (Parisian), Sven (Kleef), Ivan (Russian), Johan (Dutch) and Pierre (from Noire). A traitor and the rival are among them. Still, these men made both improvements to the ship, while causing lasting difficulties. We did not find enough cannons and sailor and musketeers. Our Displacement 150 remains stunted, and Speed Factor of two way below what the proud ship once sported. But, we are under sail.

The voyage ahead encountered whales, twice. We also found one of the four English pyrate ships we hunted, dispatching that commander, but with almost total loss of our crew. Cobbling together an impressed group of men in shackles, we made inland off the coast.

The Banana People were met, and a debate ensued between our Papist doctrines and the reformist English views. In the end the showing of the implements of torture convinced the tribal chief to support the French Black Robes, a victory. In the debate, Mathys lost his Dashing Trait to infection of his toes in a trial by fire (literal). He both became the scapegoat and self-martyr before changing to an apostate, hating the group and religion.

From there we encountered Snakes and Wolves. Yet the worst place we crossed was Amazonia, where cannibals caught two party members. Staunton launched a rescue of Alain. Alain rescued Mathys from becoming lunch. In the action almost all of our deployed cannon were mishandled and lost.

All in all, two of the party are near death from injury, and many a make-roll was used.



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