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Cutlass 18 Dec 19


We continued where we left off in the area of the Banana People. Our first event put us on the shore staring at the second English pyrate vessel. We attacked one of their shore party teams as they hunted for water. Claiming the boat and some hostages, we rowed to our prey. There we made it barely aboard when one of our time-bomb clocks sped-up to midnight and exploded. Escaping, we dispatched this second ship of four with a great deal of luck. Luck was pretty much had by all except the four loyalist npcs who would perish by sessionís end.

As if the last event had gone as expected, we tried the same maneuver again. We captured a jollyboat, went aboard the third enemy pyrate, inspired a mutiny, survived an assault, and the result was a complete success. The enemyís impressed men were inspired to mutiny, and we took the third English privateer.

Our swashbuckler (level eight) in the party gained not just all twenty swaggering techniques, he gained the 21st! He can use that one to cancel a bad event in swagger vs swagger.

An informer gave us the whereabouts of the fourth flagship. We attacked and faced four assaults from below. Yet lo and behold the time bombs once again left us all fleeing and treading water. We lost the equivalent of our own ship but managed to survive by sacrificing instead the English ship of mutineers we previously captured. Good to have friends willing to sacrifice.

As we headed inland, hunting Mayaztec gold, our party was infested with green beetles. We moved through a ghost city, but Ivan as scapegoat was saved by Alainís actions. We reached Incago and convinced the governor there to supply us anew with cannons. (We stole them.)

When we reached Mayaztec, we moved in dedicated slaughter through the elderly, women and children of the villages. Ugly but effective in bringing our die bonus to a nearly impossible to defeat +7 level. Except, those pesky Major Tarot and some missteps into punji-stick traps left our four hireling npcs all dead. We also lost a fifth valet of the party keeping David alive. Such is life, brief, for a pyrate.

Gold! A room of gold and the promise of even more. The climax continues as we play conquistador and hunt Montezuma. Oh, BTW, Sven of Kleef was an imposter, Olaf Porse. Revenge on him may be soon at hand (after the new year).



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He also had his cannons misappropriated by a Bonaventure -- red (posted: 12/22/2019) 
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