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Cutlass 8 Jan 20


The group ravaged and slaughtered through the Mayaztec on its way to capturing yet another trove of treasure and the Emperor Montezuma, himself. Jogez DuLac was declared the governor-general of the conquered people. Two enormous piles of gold were moved to the coast, while avoiding the tax-men sent by the Patron from the Colony of Bon Valliant. An outlaw missionary was taken prisoner and will be returned to Marseilles for trial. He is either DaVinci, Olaf Porse or Bartolomew Diaz, depending upon official inspection by the crown.

Faced with the windfall choice of using the wealth, after the defeat of the English pyrates, the prevention of reformed faiths from growing among the aboriginal people, an entire unmapped continent to explore, the Korean people still not yet contacted, all of that and the budding alliance built with the Banana People, the choice was made to return to the Olde World. There from Noire, the French speaking people will be reunited under the tricolor flag and fleur de lis. The Swashbuckler Alain has declared.



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And a grand reason it is... -- Mike Myke Mique (posted: 1/18/2020) 
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