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"Smart Dice"


Seriously. Smart dice. Motion sensors, Bluetooth transmission and an app so people don't have to actually so 12+3+7+11+19=50 in their heads.

I do appreciate how the d6s fit inside a d20/d24 shell to keep the number of molds down, but, otherwise my reaction is, as the kiddies acronym, WTF, FML, SMH!



   Capable of basic math Mike

Message Replies:
Isn't it fifty-two? -- red (posted: 1/11/2020) 
That's Funny on so many levels I can't lie ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 1/14/2020) 
Whoa! Bad Trip! -- Math Flashback Squires (posted: 1/15/2020) 
Humor, then "WTF?" -- Capable of basic math Mike (posted: 1/18/2020) 
That is sweet! -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 1/11/2020) 
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