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Era Ten Priority Reassignment


Protect Integrity of Bogus Blue Election. Ensure no one is advocating within one-hundred AUs of the polling places. Civilian Rules of Engagement apply; a small orange light instead of a targeting reticle indicates that no viable targets seem to be available. Even as members of the Green Space party start pelting the Squad's Suits with cabbage, yelling the invective Baby Killers. While members of the local Cimmer Farming Coop weep for the loss of their young ones, slain on the side of an all too insensitive mercenary’s helm.

The key issue of the day is Health Care. Specifically, candidates Walker and Rose have debated whether Pre-Existing Conditions should be covered. Rose has stated emphatically that the cost for the Immortal population is negligible. She had eighteen charts. Walker bellowed that that cost times the nearly infinite humans in the galaxy would be astronomical. The debate continues, as it has, for several hundred if not a thousand years.

Hatch Act still applies.



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