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Outlands 22 Jan 20


The group traveled in their longboat from Itil to barda. There the chieftain, Taylor, has endured Saurian raids. None the less, his main threat are his own ambitious siblings. The group started their campaign with the city to accept the Faith of Glitnir inside the town by ridding the city of a plague of Horse Flies. As they did so, the cause of the pestilence, a madman, surfaced and battled the party. Once he was defeated, the town rejoiced.

In order, the three brothers of Taylor were granted horses as breeding stock for a horse guards, fitted with a saddle to overcome an infirmary that prevented riding, and for the youngest brother offered a chance to leave Barda for new pastures in Rostov. The high priest of the city-state and the purveyor of coin are now both priests for Glitnir. All and all a good set of skill attempts.

We headed toward the High Ruins, a necromantic place. During our dungeon crawl we fought all manner of undead, an enormous dragon headed beast (no fire luckily) and various cultists trying to raise the dead. The enemy, Fent-Ankhet, has enslaved a Tiger-headed subject. We rescued that race’s king and seek to remove the magical bind that holds him there. The hope is that the next of four relics, Kek’s Crown, will be discovered within.



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