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Outlands 29 Jan 20


The group traveled in the High Ruins hunting an Undead Lord (think Lich). Their companion, the King of the Hemendra (name unpronounceable by humans), would later turn treacherous under the power of the Egyptian crown.

Haqetís Scepter bestowed virility.
Kekís Crown bestowed magnificence.
Neperís Flail bestowed prowess.
Satetís Sandals bestowed humility.

The main action this session involved fighting the Fanatic Berenger. He was very tough to slay. The cards and dice seemed to conspire against us, even with two Stallari in the company. After defeating this subcommander, we found a scribe area and coerced those enslaved men into revealing all.

The Dry Ruins hold a magical sandal allowing safe passage among enemies. The Wet Ruins holds a flail that can thresh an entire field in one blow or sunder a cohort of men. We could not defeat the Lich Fent-Ankhet, so long as the undead lord wears the crown. Yet the power of all these relics are diminished with each artifact we bring together. We control the Staff of Fertility. It alone may not be enough. We need to capture the sandals and flail. The flail will be an arduous adventure.

Listen to (view) the replay on YouTube.



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Terrible Deck, Good Dice... -- Mike, son of Mike (posted: 2/2/2020) 
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