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Cutlass Notes: Uniting French Speaking Lands


Direct Action
Requires the proclamation of a warlord emperor. He would then marshal his best forces and conquer several places in due course. There is a possible political solution with less loss of soldiers (by all). However, if brute force is attempted the warlord would need to attack and win major battles in Russia (Nantes), Bavaria (Saxony-Mainz), England (Vichy), Spain (Nice-Tours), Netherlands (Ghent Bridge), as well as possible battles in Paris, Montpellier and Palermo.

Political Solution
Marseilles Free State -- Gold to the Archbishop of Marseilles, a position in court as Chamberlain; he gets to appoint the Keeper of Royal mint each time the position is vacant.

Nantes -- Heavy Russian influence; purge and give the farms to French speaking veterans. Will be a battle yet could be organic and disguised as racial uprising. Russia is Christian, just not the right Christian as Orthadox. Fascii Friars can facilitate conflict if recruited.

Monpellier Valley -- Filled with reformists, a hotbed of intrigue. Will agree to a constitutional monarchy with two caveats, freedom of worship and the reborn France will not recognize a state religion. Crown's religion cannot be the defacto country's.

Vichy needs to be liberated from England, an enemy. They will trade for Saxony in a peaceful swap. Probably a battle for Saxony with Russians, though garrison there is French mercenary. Can the English be tricked into thinking Saxony is theirs? Else battle with English for Vichy. English have a strong army.

Keep Bavaria neutral. Bavaria wants Cologne Abbey returned to the monks of the counter-reformed faith. England as a reformed church will not accept that; they may agree to peaceful pilgrims, a compromise. Duke of Bavaria will need to be convinced to accept the compromised. He is a reasonable man, since he has lost several times to the Vert Valiant.

Ansbach holds London, but they would rather have gold. They are in ransom negotiations with the English to return the English speaking city. Brokering this deal would decrease the chance of all-out war with England, something French people are very tired of fighting; Ansbach might be paid-off with a portion of Mayaztec gold.

Spain is firmly entrenched in Nice and Tours, the Fascii Friars are even stronger. Yet Spain is weaker since Papacy is essentially controlled by Kleef as a puppet state. War here could bog down into a logistical stalemate. All the farm reserves on both sides of the border are depleted. The Spanish do not have the might to fight Noire and Genoa. Convince them to move on Genoa or make an alliance with Genoese. Problem, since the Italians feel they were betrayed by Vert Valiant. Consider building the canal you promised.

Netherlands likes a divided France. There is no negotiation, since the Vert Valiant disrupted every one of their major cities and destroyed their country's pride, the printing press. Be a wicked hard negotiation to keep them neutral. They will probably try to sack Paris should any side declare war. Marseilles can defend the port or the former capital, not both. The armories of the Free State are in poor shape due to profiteering. There is no easy way to bring arms from Noire to Paris. The Dutch need to be pacified by intrigue. Care to go back and ruin their cities again?

Scotland is the French Minor Ally of tradition. It was temporarily replaced by Kleef. Both countries could flip-flop again unless handled diplomatically. Kleef is the stronger force on the seas. Yet French people recall more fondly the help Scotland gave France in wars several hundred years ago. Nostalgia vs practicality.

Exiles of France (formerly Naples) will want to form a new court. They want a king named; they have a bride selected from one of their own families; she is a shrewd agent (for Exiles). Be tough to truly form a new state without the return of these noble families from abroad. Find a king and proclaim him such with appropriate fanfare. The nobles remaining in Paris do not want a king. They enjoy the Republic that has been established. Heads will roll, which undoubtedly will cause Archbishop of Marseilles problems.

Sea of Brussels has been a notorious pyrate domain for too long. Rebirth of France needs trade by sea. Nantes is an option as is Baku, but both would force total war (again) with Russia. Best to purge the pyrate king who hides and thrives there. Best to replace him with an ally, since the archipelago will always be ungovernable. This could be an easy first step to unification; it is also a straight forward Cutlass mission.

These notes could be amended at any time, beware!



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