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Cutlass 5 Feb 20


We returned to the Olde world much richer. Receiving a letter from an old ally, Lord Charles in exile, we embarked on a mission to slay the pyrate king of the Brussle’s Archipelago and burn his nine ships. Many a tall tale was told of this swashbuckler, King Tucco.

We defeated his ships with ours and attacked his compound. Legend stated that Tucco commanded a five deck galleon, created when a waterspout dropped four caravels onto his mighty cog. (Listen on YouTube to discover fact from storied fiction).

As the smoke dissipated, David Staunton defeated Tucco and was proclaimed Pyrate King of Brussles and Protector of the Lubeck Shallows. France may have found her next true king to unite the French speaking people.

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The example uses Epic Table for a virtual tabletop and Skype for online voices.

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