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Golden age Pulp Heroes by Better Games

Dateline: New York City, 1930
In the midst of the Great Depression, hope is scarce. Authorities seem helpless to stop a crime wave. Unbeknownst to the Common Joe, the city is being carved into realms by ten sinister cabals. Thatís also when a group of ordinary people discover they are changing, acquiring superpowers. Now, will these heroes use their transmogrify for good or for evil?

The game is a study of mortal investigators slowly becoming superheroes or ultra villains.

The campaign starts with the cabals in limited control, securing just a few facets of the city. These ten cabals control by coercion, seducing and enslaving one puppet at a time. The action then generates itself as each cabal runs its agents. The cabals set their objectives and will change plans as the campaign evolves.

The cabals will look first to the easy route, corrupting mortal insiders and securing settings or power centers within the city. Next they will build Grand Endeavors or counters to another cabalís machines. Then they will swallow up swaths of society, using celebrity surrogates to manage the city and ensure absolute control. When all else fails they will run amok and kill all the other inhuman hosts, the ones who most likely will thwart their plans.

Do your players see themselves as pawns, protectors or the rising rulers of NYC?

Look for a video on the Beta Test next week. Be there or be a zozzled wurp (bad).



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If only you could rename it My Hero Academia -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 2/9/2020) 
Indeed -- red (posted: 2/10/2020) 
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