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Is Reality an Illusion


Games allow the strange. I have used the Holodeck is Real in Metamorphasis Alpha. The original story may have also had people discover they were on a ship not planet.

Found on the net:

"The simulation hypothesis contends that reality is in fact a simulation (most likely a computer simulation), of which we, the simulants, are totally unaware."

My problem with this theory is there is no proof and no way to prove anything otherwise if it were true. It isn't true science, since we have no way of measuring or observing what reality is outside of the reality we have. If life is an illusion, to what end? If life is a simulation, would it matter?

We have uncovered natural laws that have made life better; that's science. These would then have to be programmed in the simulation. The code of reality would have laws. We expand our knowledge by discovery of the world we have not the might-be.

There doesn't seem to be an off-switch or perspective other than inside the machine. I dislike religious philosophy being peddled as science. A thought exercise only, to discount all of realty as illusion is the same as saying you all don't exist; I am only dreaming. Goodbye everyone -- you are all a hoax.

Mike, feel free to tell me otherwise; though, I trust myself to know Mike is not a hoax. He's beyond my imagination and cleverness.

To attempt to prove otherwise is silly.



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