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Heroes Thirty-One 12 Feb 20


We started a beta test of Golden Age Pulp Heroes. Must say, I had fun. There were many lessons learned creating other event driven games, similar to Crimson Cutlass. Free-Style Pulp Heroes will be both dangerous and comforting, easy to enjoy and fret over. One player character took two of three wounds. We all increased a level, but that graduation is mixed. We generated one advancement result and saw that character refuse membership into the Consortium; good for The Jersey Kid, later the Jersey Gentleman (in the popular press).

The heroes started looking for adventure and derring-do. We crisscrossed NYC through several boroughs, until we found our target was in Brooklyn. The cabals, one step ahead (usually) moved their climax attempt to add fluoride to the water system into Manhattan proper. That was a gift. As was the huge number of make-rolls the team received at onset. Make-rolls determine the level of Task Resolution you receive. Should that be inverse proportion? Interesting, yet hard to describe and justify. The play emphasizes using your make-rolls and slowly waning in power. Though that aspect was clearly not displayed by the first test.

The action generated itself with just a few tables right from the ruleset. We narrowed the borough to Brooklyn, then the City Facet threatened to Water and Power, then the cabal responsible to the Ancients. We concluded play moving under the city looking for the mastermind of this plot, having already destroyed one (of how many?) places where fluoride was being injected into the city’s tap water supply. Dateline 1930 where no bottle water is consumed by the masses. Hey, we also met Edison.



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