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Never Surrender: a Galaxy Quest Documentary


Wonderful program on Amazon Prime, a love letter to movie makers, even if it slips too much into fawning over fandom.

That movie was wonderful at conception and lucky timing. Many other films die from the myriad problems this faced with studio and loss of director. Perfectly explains the timing of cast, crew and studio involvement.

Wish the documentary didn't pander to Cosplay. It did so some. So be it. I dispute that nerds have won. I acknowledge that people who are not nerds want to make money by claiming they are.

Anyhoo, love the movie, love the interviews. Boy do they have historical first person accounts of making Galaxy Quest.

PS Tony is right. Sigourney's line was overdubbed. never knew and funny both ways. Learn the reason why it was in the doc.

Movie Ratings what a joke.



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