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White Box Spells Revamp


We all know what sleep spell does. Low level I win. Magic Missile a weak Firball. Dispel Magic a great cure-all. As Rusty said (on tape no less), most D&D spells are rather worthless. Okay, he said not as useful as others.

Let's examine how this works if magic is attempted by Spell Aspects. Here's my starting list.

Spell Aspect
Controls: Charm Person (1), ESP (2), Suggestion (3), Charm Monster (4), Monster Summoning (5)
Alerts: Detect Magic (1), Detect Evil (2), Clairaudience (3), Clairvoyance (4), Contact Higher Plane (5)
Portal: Hold Portal (1), Knock (2), Lightning Bolt (3), Pass-Wall (4), Dimension Door (5)
Stuns: Light (1), Continual Light (2), Confusion (3), Polymorph (4), Massmorph (5)
Damage: Magic Missile (1), Pyrotechnics (2), Fire Ball (3), Ice Storm (4), Death Spell (5)
Wards: Protection from Evil (1), Protection Missiles (2), Protection from Evil, 10' Radius (3), XXX (4), XXX (5)
Clarity: Read Languages (1), Foil Hidden (2), Solve Puzzle (4), Legend Lore (4), Rahmoridal Clarity (5)
Armor: Shield (1), Invisibility (2), Immunity (3), Iron Skin (4), Invulnerability (5)
Serenity: Calm (1), Sleep (2), Repulse (3), Phantasmal Forces (4), Glaciate (5)
Confusion: Ventriloquism (1), Magic Mouth (2), Runes (3), Hallucinations (4), Weather Control (5)
Arcane: Read Magic (1), Detect Invisible (2), Wizard Eye (3), Projection (4), Magic Jar (5)
Barriers: Wizard Lock (1), Web (2), Growth of Plants (3), Wall Of Fire (4), Wall Of Stone (5)
Fears: Darkness (1), Mirror Image (2), Rope Trick (3), Terror (4), Astral Gate (5)
Aid: Speed (1), Dexterity (2), Strength (3), Constitution (4), Shape Change (5)
Counters: Neutralize Poison (1), Cease Paralysis (4), Remove Curse (3), Transmute Breaths (4), Dispel Magic (5)

Did I Leave out any favorites, tricks of dungeon crawls? Clerical Spells would be managed in their own way. I'm leaning to a managing earned brownie points w/ God system of buying help. Petition the Lord w/ prayer. Need a favor to ask.

Back to Mages -- I could define the list in terms of game mechanics. That would be truly for the best. It's what has to be done when D&D is made into a computer game. You just cant try to figure out what someone's Dance spell might do. Instead the code has results. Spells would be used to pass traps, pass doors, avoid obstacles, add gear, injure monsters, delay attack, that sort of thing. Other categories would occur as New Stuff made up specifically to be countered by spell. One whole category could be devoted to canceling the special attacks of monsters.

Ponder, just not on the Tree of Woe; that's where my treehouse rises on the desert plain.



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