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I drains five phasor packs and still they came (metaphor)


Occurs to me that Star Trek predicted our present situation, indirectly and covert.

A mad star fleet officer supports the Comms vs Yang (I think I go the names, Communists and Yanks), while he studies a Fountain of Youth. Turns out McCoy (my hero of the series) says the people on the planet live long because they are the survivors of a bad post nuclear environ.

So, here we hide from a disease that may never have a cure.

Call me callous, sad if it bites me, but you can't hide from germs. Those who survive might be grateful or continue partisan bickering. Has any leader met the challenge or are all of them finding their way to drain five phasor packs and still not face the inevitable?



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How Funny .... Some People still think this is about a virus. -- IronConrad (posted: 5/14/2020) 
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