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Boston Public Library Online


I found a link to all the newspapers and pamphlets of the American Revolution and colonial period, an online archive.

I thought, cool.

When I clicked I found I needed a library card to get a pin.

I emailed and asked if I could get one; here's the reply:

"Since you live in California, you won't be eligible for a card unless you own property in Massachusetts."

Really, this archive is not held as a public trust? I grew up in VA, and we loaned this nation a general and prez named Washington. Does that count for anything?

What has this nation become when you have to own property to get a Library Card?

I guess I don't get cool clip art of old newspapers and political cartoons for Demon Hunter 1705. I'll check the National Archive, they have cool photo archive too.

But Boston -- first you steal signs in Baseball then won't share public domain material. Ought to be a law. Just saying, ought to be a law. And you wonder why people's emergency response plan is to loot.



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