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Kick Starter Observations


Nothing major happening per se ... there's Tiny Epic Pirates from Gamelyn that is mildly interesting. They make good, solid projects. This one doesn't really excite.

However, I glanced at the summary of things I've ordered over time for any trends or observations.

The only thing that stands out is the number of non-US Kick Start projects that fail. It's hard to tell from the page if they were just scams or legit projects gone sour.

I've got a project from a dude in Canada that made an interesting Dice Hero game but appeared to have incorrectly estimated world wide shipping. Been there. I think that dude is legit or he would not take the abuse.

I've got a project from a small company in the UK which makes a 3D dungeon from boxes which stack inside each other. They got hit by the Wuhan flu as their manufacturer in China decided to raise the price. Their product is pretty good and will sell more after they get through this step. Unless they spent the money on salaries and staplers.

All the US based creators have completed their projects (of ~60 projects). 4 of the non-US creators are stuck (maybe 2/3). It's only a few bucks so no big deal.

I would not say that is statistically significant because it's based on what interested me.

Just an observation. Choose wisely.



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