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Gizmo Update -- The Smart Home isn't really ...


So, I had some lights in the other room that I wanted to go on and off when it was dark and stuff.

I bought some hockey puck looking dealies from China for a few dollars and hooked them up.

I could not control them from devices in the house, rather I had to open a port and program it to my Android tablet or phone. Smart Life was the app.

It doesn't work from Windows and there's not a simple thing you can add to your computer to just turn it on and off at specific times. You have to use their server and stuff so they can sell you whatever it is you might want to buy.

Every time I made a change to the network the whole thing went sideways and I had to crawl under the table and enter the Morse code to tell it what to do.

The Android tablet is a pretty weak sauce device ... great for something ... but useful computer things not so much. I do read books on it I suppose.

Any case, after trying for an extended period, the experiment has to conclude with a fail. Dumb technology dressed up with space age lip stick is still dumb.

Bought a mechanical timer that you put between the outlet and the plug and programmed it to work. Lights on. Lights off. Easy to over ride. (You probably have one on your Christmas lights.)

Those are some cool mechanical gizmos. Skip the hype if you are so inclined and just get the mechanical device.

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Mechanical timers FTW -- Greg (posted: 6/3/2020) 
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