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Cutlass 24 Jun 20


The party finished the hunt in Nantes for the apartments of Pizarro, the Spanish Ambassador. We caught one of his henchmen, a courier, and he said the man traveled to Tours. Across the frontier to that holy place, where we found the man was keeping a secret wife in the Abbey. The woman, sister of Scolfield, the anti-Papist, implicated Pizarro in his homeland, the Spanish Protectors of the Faith. Yet the party had a change of heart and decided to keep the man's secret. We failed with honor.

On the trip home, the group was harried by encounter after encounter. More deaths of player characters and a few amazing moments featuring two surprise acts by Topo the Joyous. The lad exploded an enemy ship, one we were trying to board w/o much luck. And, Topo slew the whale leviathan that had already downed seven of nine PCs w/ wounds or chomp-chomp death. A good time was had by the survivors, who traveled finally home to nurse injuries.



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