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Dr Sleep


Many unanswered questions but I liked the movie Dr Sleep, sequel to Shining. One of the few tales I wish they did as a ten part series (instead) and gave some more details or backstory on the people, powers and origins. Hint that one energy vampyre was Roman seems like it needs more than an offhand mention.

Was trying to decide why this worked so much better than say Nos4ratu, perhaps merely better actors. Yet I think the Dr Sleep director stages his scenes more like theatre and not as follow cam quick edits. Horror may work better as misdirection and not as jump cuts with pandering high volume startle. People are sinister if you hold the camera on them and let them speak (act). Too many times, even in Dr Sleep, but especially in horror movies, you see the scene the director is copying from a better movie. In Dr Sleep I didn't mind that as much.



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