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Our Story So Far...


In issue one, the Justice Squad tried to stop a Nazi smuggling ring but failed and were captured. Perhaps the Justice squad learned a little about tactics.

In issue two, the Freedom League was called into action, to head to a small island in the South Atlantic to rescue the Justice Squad. While they did succeed in freeing the Justice Squad, they were dismayed to find out Steel Claw had been killed, and Igniter had been brainwashed and turned by the Nazis. Unfortunately, Igniter had to be killed, or was he? Last he was seen was when the Freedom League was throwing him into the volcano reactor. That should stop a fire guy, right?

Issue three opened back in New York City with the Justice Squad shaken to their core. As all good heroes know, they can't give up and must preserve in the name of justice.

Sadly, things didn't go very well for the Justice Squad. It turns out the Shade had also been turned by the Nazis' brainwashing and was using his mental powers to convince people Dynamo had a sidekick (Kid Quebec). It appeared that the Canadian duo was behind all of the attacks on the city.

When the chips were finally down and the Justice Squad confronted a couple of Nazi villains, the Shade revealed himself as a villain and joined the Nazis for the big battle. While the big, tough, muscle-bound Nazi got away, the others were defeated and captured. The Shade was restrained and taken away by government agents.

Issue 4 - New York City, early 40's. The war is still in full swing. Most of the Freedom League is still in Germany helping with the war effort. However, some have returned to New York to try to keep America safe from her enemies, not to mention mobsters trying to take over the city.

The Justice Squad receives an important message from Mr. Merlin: Rock Hands Rogan is missing.



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