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DriveThruRPG Observation on Access


I use Mozilla as a browser. I often log into DriveThruRPG and after inputting my user and P/W find I get the site down default (of Mozilla).

Yet after I do this. I go back to the DriveThruRPG home page and find I am logged in. Shows I am there and can access my publisher page.

So if you have troubles, maybe try that. Type user and P/W and then go right back to Home page. Just a thought.

Sales of Conrad's Fantasy and Cutlass now exceed twenty million. I may be off by a few digits or all the digits. Thanks to anyone who has bought our games. Chronicles of the Outlands will be up there soon. looks to be a fun addition to Better Games.

Oh, and if I'm begging for Ignobles...please add the five-star review or some words of support under each product. Can't hurt; might help; warms the soul. Unless you hate the games. Then, don't be bothered; don't waste your anger; gaze elsewhere Sauron.



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