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Episode Five – Time at Fault


A Bajillion Ways to Die, Briefing Five
Orientation: There is no briefing. The Authority Figure is not here. You stare at the VIP monitors and see all the possible portals to get you home. But none of them seem to correspond to an exact date. Trial and error might leave you all old men, before you catch a lucky break. You look at an outside camera coverage and see the desert sands of Egypt, the great pyramids of Memphis. However, the time portal in Karnak (to the south) is no longer available. You are advancing in age in a linear fashion. Perhaps this is as it should be.

The timeline is changed. Moses remains pharaoh of Egypt. Much of the VIP show scenes, which seem imaginary.

Clancy finds a note on the Commander’s Stationary in that stateroom. The letter is written in his own handwriting, in French, it reads:

“Suspend your disbelief, by now I hope that is not so hard. Brother, you have questions. I certainly do. The universe is self correcting on large matters. Yet individual lives mean nothing, though perhaps a fine wine some day, again, will be crafted.
.....“The path to any answers lies in 1969 A.D. Do not be surprised to learn that calendars and dates are flexible. Gezer, Haida, Attic…I even experienced 3661 as our cold world turned to base eight, when everyone had three fingers and a thumb.
.....“Try explaining anno domini to a man who lives in a world that had no Romans, no Christ.
.....“Take one small step to create one giant leap.
.....“Set your chronometers to 1969 A.D. Hopefully, that great event stays true. The alternative is to resign yourself to oblivion.”

You’re in the Giza base. You have resources at your disposal. Yet, you cannot get home from here to the Moon Base. Become kings for one generation? Take turns as kings? There are other enforcers loose in the time-line. You lack a mission and guidance. As a default your orders are to get back to main base. You suspect that is on the Luna, Blessed Luna.

You need to cross a VIP. The next VIP on the monitors is maybe in China, but could be anywhere in a thousand year span. The same goes for most of the others. You might be able to guess, close, to an event, for instance one of them looks like a Civil War battle. That war was only four years? But the only hint is the last VIP is from 1969. A clone of Clancy (or Clancy himself) has told you to try in go there.

If anyone has a better idea, speak now. Otherwise, enter cryo, set you wake time to 1969 (or 1968) and exit. The rest is handled through play.

Segue into Episode Five
No more VIP. But there is a way to get to the Moon Base. Goal is to influence the Apollo program, hitch a ride back to the moon. Cryo and wake in 1969. Make way to Florida; the launch is delayed a day for rain. Enforcers are fish out of water for most in attitudes. Peace, Love and Hippies, neo communists, protesting the fascists in control.

Exit conditions: A television shows an inaugural speech by John Kennedy about going to the moon. CL#5 blurts out “We got to space first.”



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