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EPT House Rulez 21 Aug 19


We finished the Songya crypt quest by putting Cresa into his tomb. The dead man’s bath in Avanthe wine made him a restless undead. We accepted further patronage by Emzahl to go to the mainland, taking the Imperial sloop of the last rival Haw. We brought the Avanthe seal to the temple of Vimuhla hoping they would help with the Shunned Ones infestation on the isle.

We arrived in Chame’el only to discover the man we wanted to recruit was in Hn’gu. By road to that Salarvya city rather uneventfully. We made some additions to our ranks w/ Hlaka scouts and acolytes.

Graa Taar agreed to help us. One of our members became his assistant. We took the slope back home, passing the Ahoggya reservation. They asked us politely to leave, then forcefully, then tried to sink us. We escape their challenges.

At Songya Isle we returned to the crypts, then further into Shunned Ones Domain. Vimuhla was summoned twice for help. With two parties of Shunned Ones slaughtered. We rest and return next week to the game.

House Rulez EPT updates the classic game campaign into Free-Style mechanics. Most of the action is generated with a deck of cards. Watch the replay on YouTube.



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