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Finished Non-Stop (A Squires Recommend)


This was recommended by Squires at a recent international game convention which shall remain nameless.


The book was published in 1958.

The closest thing I can liken it to is Met Alpha. This would have been amazing for its time. (I could see the end half way through because I'm a boorish know it all.)

A heroic figure in a strange tribe discovers he is in a spaceship lost in space. The one hidden secret that no one was allowed to know seemed a pretty common notion. The secret of course is the world is hollow and I have touched the sky.

Still, it was a fun read. The factions at the end were some what unexpected and interesting. Would have been a great game (oh, wait, it was).

Not sure of the context by which the book came up ... I thought we were talking Spell Systems. This book was not that.

A fun Sci-Fi book from the dawn of the age of Heinlein.


   Iron Conrad

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